Lake George Mandatory Boat Inspections

Information for Guests Trailering Boats and Wave Runners to Blue Lagoon Resort:

All boats and wave runners launching on Lake George will be required to pass an inspection to ascertain no invasive species are being transported on the boat or be decontaminated if evidence of invasive species exist on the boat or wave runner.  This regulation is being put in place to prevent invasive species from entering Lake George and to help maintain the beauty and cleanliness of Lake George for generations to come.

There will be no charge for an inspection or decontamination.  The best way to undergo this process quickly is to arrive at the inspection station with your boat clean, drained, and dry.  If you can pass an inspection of your boat you will be sealed (wire attaching boat to trailer) and ready to launch. When you arrive at Blue Lagoon we will check for this seal, clip it, and then permit you to launch.

To pass this inspection and not have to go through the lengthier decontamination process, arrive at the inspection station with your boat clean, drained, and dry.  Before you head to Lake George make sure you clean and remove all visible plants, animals, fish, and mud from your boat, trailer or other equipment.  Drain your bilge and drain any other water in your boat.  Dry your boat, trailer, and other equipment including bumpers, ropes, and anchors.  If you do these three things you will just have to stop at the inspection station for an inspection and be on your way.

It is recommended that guests traveling to Blue Lagoon with a boat and/or waverunner stop on their way to Lake George at the inspection station that will be located at the Lake George Transfer Station (56 Transfer Road, Lake George, NY.)  This station is easily accessed from the Northway.  Take exit 21 off the Northway.  Northbound travelers turn left and southbound travelers turn right.  Travel approximately ¼ mile and turn right onto Transfer Road.

Those who only use their boat or wave runner on Lake George will only have to get inspected once in the lifetime of their boat.  Upon departing Lake George we will be able to seal your boat.  This is done by running a piece of wire between the boat and trailer or around the propeller to certify that the boat has not been used on another lake after it was removed from Lake George.  When you return to our launch we will just have to clip this seal and allow you to launch.  You can have us seal the boat again the next time you remove it from the lake.  Make sure you come to the office and ask us to seal your boat before you depart.  If you use your boat on another body of water, you will have to get inspected each time you visit Lake George.  If you remove your boat from Lake George at our launch and keep it on the property (such as parking in the parking lot across the street), you will not have to get inspected nor get a seal.

You still need to purchase a Lake George Park Commission sticker.  These can be purchased at Blue Lagoon Resort.  We also sell fishing licenses.  For further information on the Lake George Park Commission sticker visit and for further information on Lake George Boat inspections visit

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and for doing your part to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of Lake George.


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